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madeofpaper's Journal

Faeri Wings
15 November
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Hello there, this journal is mostly friends only.

So if want to add me, let me know first so that I can add you back.

abnormal, alternative, anarchy, angels, angry music, anime, arrogance, barbie, being evil, being sexy, being superior, big egos, black, blink182, blood, blue, bondage, bouncing, boys, brains, candles, candy, candyfloss, cartoon porn, cemeteries, chaos, cheese, chocolate, computers, cute animals, dead, death, die, dollies, drinking, duct tape, eating, eating snow, emotional instability, equality, evil, explosions, eyeliner, fanfiction, femininity, fenix tx, ff7, ff9, fire, fishnet tights, fizzy sweets, fuck, garbage, girls, green day, handcuffs, happiness, having fun, heavy metal, hole, ill nino, incense, inheritance, internet, jack off jill, kittie, l7, leather, lighters, listening, lollipops, make up, making people laugh, manga, marilyn manson, masturbating, matches, men, money, music, new found glory, nirvana, nu-metal, obsession, orchids, pain, pink, placebo, poetry, procrastinating, punk, pyromania, railroad spikes, randomness, red, reno, sadomasochism, scars, screaming, sellotape, sex, sexiness, shiny stuff, shopping, shoujo ai, shounen ai, silence, silly string, silverchair, sin, singing, skipping, sleeping, slipknot, smiling, snakes, sparklers, speaking, spike, spineshank, spoons, spun sugar, squealing, staind, staplers, stars, sugar, superiority, tainted love, taking over the world, the clash, the final fantasy series, vampires, vampyres, veruca salt, video games, vodka, whispering, white, widowism, women, world domination, writing, writing poetry, writing stories, yaoi, yuri